RIGAMI IMAGING SOLUTIONS supply the quickest and most affordable document scanning solutions.
Our Cloud-Based Document Management Service is the best way to scan and index documents like
PODs, GRVs etc for lightning fast, accurate retrieval at the touch of a button. And your clients can view
their documents in the CLOUD.

ALL YOU DO IS SCAN – Our Cloud Engine does the rest.
Seriously. – Just put paper, push button and go have some coffee.

By talking directly to your Accounting System, fully automated indexing in the Cloud eliminates manual
data entry on the ground ( and typing errors ) using Bar Codes and OCR with built-in database lookup,
it works with ANY Accounting or Management system capable of generating reports in spreadsheets or
text document (CSV)
Activity log and audit trail are available to ensure that trading documents are delivered to the right place
or person the very same day.
Our Missing Documents Report ensures that you don’t miss any valuable documents. Your PODs are
money – but you can’t take them to the bank. RIGAMI will help you convert them into cash.

How to get paid on time, EVERY time

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